About Us – Bearing Manufacturers & Distributors

Bearing Manufacturers & DistributorsTogether with our sister company, DCN Bearings & Engineering Ltd, we offer hard to find bespoke solutions and a complete Bearing and Bearing Accessory supply source.

Our aim is quite simple, to honour & maintain a reputation that the preceding company of BROWN-RUTTER gained over the last 40+ years and to keep such an iconic name at the forefront of our industry, by supplying to your manufacturing and engineering requirements.

Bearing Manufacturers & Distributors

Both companies work closely with the Major Bearing Manufacturers & Distributors both here in the UK and abroad and are very proud to be recognised as a reliable and sustainable supplier in offering a variety of bearing components & accessories.

Quality Assured Source

BROWN-RUTTER (DUDLEY) LTD are committed to quality and are fully accredited to ISO 9001:2015, a certificate is available on request.

Alongside DCN Bearings & Engineering Limited we invest in current technology, including the installation of the latest 3 point co-ordinate measuring machine, ensuring all products are to exact customer or original manufacturers specification.

BROWN – RUTTER (DUDLEY) LTD only use materials which are fully traceable, this includes raw material chemical analysis and heat treatment .